The No-Discard Method of Feeding Starter

Like many bakers, I keep extra sourdough starter in the refrigerator for making baked goods other than bread. If you prefer not to maintain extra starter, simply change the quantities you use when feeding your starter for baking. Start with ¼ cup of starter in a 1-quart jar (a wide-mouth jar is easiest to use) and feed it with 1/8 cup of flour and 1/8 cup of filtered water. Make the second feeding with ¼ cup flour and ¼ cup of filtered water, and make the final feeding with ½ cup of flour and ½ cup of filtered water. This will give you just enough sourdough starter for one loaf of bread, with about ¼ cup left over to begin your next feeding.

Copyright 2014, Ellen Arian, Ellen’s Food & Soul