My role as a cooking instructor is to enable you to meet the food goals you set for yourself. 

In teaching cooking, my aim is to help you relax into the task of providing nourishment, and of passing loving energy through your hands into the food you’re preparing for yourself or others.

I teach public cooking classes in New York City and New Jersey that focus on farm kitchen cooking and on handcrafting traditional foods. Among other topics, they include: 

  • Sourcing and Cooking with Farm-Fresh Seasonal Ingredients
  • Old-fashioned Sourdough Breads and Baked Goods 
  • Cultured Butter and Traditional Buttermilk
  • Yogurt: Greek and Not-So-Greek
  • Pickles and Other Ferments 
  • Wholegrain Pilafs, Porridges & Pancakes 

As my schedule allows, I am also available for private and small-group cooking classes in your home, designed to help you master basic skills and the preparation of delicious whole foods. In particular, I enjoy teaching you how to turn your doctor’s recommendations for what you should eat into delicious food on your table. 

Please contact me for a schedule of upcoming public classes, or to discuss how we might work together to help you achieve your goals.